Quick change fixture

Best quality quick change chuck in China

Precise, reliable and affordable

■ Flexible and simple design, multi-faceted machining can be realized

■ The standardized interface improve the efficient conversion of various applications such as milling, drilling, turning, EDM and wire cutting, to ensure the machining quality and efficiency

erowa quick change chuck applicatio

Silvercnc quick change fixtrue feature

Time is money. When a single piece or small batch production requires frequent replacement of tooling fixtures, if most of the time is spent on fixture installation and alignment, your machine tool efficiency will be low and the cost will be increased. It is necessary to optimize your fixture. For users with small workpiece size and limited budget, this quick change fixture is your best choice

■ Two reliable structural designs,Meet different cutting force requirements
■ Good precise, 0.002mm repeatability
■ Fast and precise resetting,widely used in EDM and WEDM

Mode list

Erowa quick change chuck

Single zero point

Erowa quick change chuck with plate china

Double zero point

Erowa quick change chuck

Quatro zero point

Erowa quick change chuck 2

Hexa zero point

Erowa quick change chuck

2/4/6-Fold pallet

Erowa quick change chuck

Three functions spigot

R type structure

The structure similar to system-3R brand

3R quick change chuck 4

External zero point

3R quick change chuck 2

Double centering base plate

Erowa quick change chuck

Quatro centering base plate

3R quick change chuck

Hexa centering base plate

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Zero point clamping video

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