Tool Setter

Silvercnc provide a total solution of tool setting and tool breakage detection for CNC machining center. We have designed a range of tool setter including: laser control, contact type, optoelectronic signal trigger, all of these are used extensively in many industry

Have you ever face such a problem when machining: The preset tool length occupies a large part of the time. and when using small-diameter tools, there will be tool breakage, resulting in some defective products flowing into next process. How to solver? the tool setting can complete this task perfectly.

The tool setting  can replace manual to measure the length and diameter of the tool and reduce the shutdown time of the machine tool.  And it can detect the status of the tool regularly and feed back to the machine tool. When there are abnormal conditions, machine toos will stoped in time to prevent a large number of defective products. There is no doubt that each machine tools should be equipped with tool setter.

tool setting solution for tool measurement and detection

Silvercnc offer three kinds of tool setter :  laser measuring, length measurable , length and diameter measurable 

Your benefits use tool setter

■ Saving CNC  machine downtime and increasing reliability

■ Prevent defective products caused by tool breakage

■ Accurate tool length and diameter measurement,tool offset calculation and correction

■ High accuracy, high stability, repeatability is 0.001mm (Machine tool errors are not considered)

■ The warranty time is 1 years, spare parts are available, any problem will dealt with quickly by our after sales team

■ Reasonable price, compared with Renishaw , Blum, Marposs, Metrol brand

silvercnc Tool setter solutions for machine tools

We provide  overall tool detection solution, which can detect milling cutter, grinding head, grinding wheel, measuring tool length and diameter, tool breaking and damage alarm

We have a variety of products: from small engraving machines to large machining centers, contact and non-contact types, different principle,such as contact switch, photoelectric switch, kinematic resistant and laser control, to meet your machining requirements and budget completely.

Contact type tool setters


Contact tool setters modelMachine modelsignal generationSignal  transmissiontool settingMinimum tool detectionRepeatability (2σ)
M-P11/P21-10Small CNC Machining Centerstouch switchHard-wiredonly tool lengthØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
M26D-20Small – largetouch switchHard-wiredonly tool lengthØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
M-T24E-20/40/60largetouch switchHard-wiredonly tool lengthØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
S5TS-LSmall – largekinematic resistiveHard-wiredtool length and diameterØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
S5TS-RSmall – largekinematic resistiveRadiotool length and diameterØ1.0 mm1.0 µm
SPTS20Small – largePhotoelectronicHard-wiredonly tool lengthØ1.0 mm1.0 µm


Noncontact type tool setters

Noncontact tool setters modelsMachine modelsignal generationSignal  transmissiontool settingMinimum tool detectionRepeatability (2σ)
SNC86Small – largelaserHard-wiredtool length and diameterØ0.03 mm±1.0 µm

Tool setter applicatiion

Tool setter video



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