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CNC machining enhancement accessories :

SilverCNC provide high value-added CNC machining accessories products for gloabal clients. 

With 4th and 5th axis rotary table, it’s possible machining the workpiece 4 or 5 side by one-time clamping.

With touch probe, it’s possible to detect the position of the workpiece, in-process control and finish part verification.

with zero point base plate and workholding help , it significant saving set time and reducing machine tool down time.

SiverCNC products :

NC rotary table are roller cam struture. as a result of high precision, high rigidity , durability and almost no need maintance.

The rotary table have successfully installed and used on various machine tools and CNC systems. such as Fanuc robodrill, Brother, Haas, DMG, Mazak, Makino, Doosan, Hurco, Mikron and so on. its performance can comparable to Nikken and Haas.

SilverCNC touch probe use a proven technology -kinematic resistive principle, to ensure high repetition accuracy and excellent stability. its performance close  to Renishaw, Blum and Marposs brands.

On the other hand, the probe’s macro programs can common with Renishaw, If you have experience with a probe, the procedure should not be difficult.

Price advantage is the most attractive, for the same model, the price is about half that of Renishaw.

Tool setter: silvercnc have three kinds of tool setter for different requirements , include noncontack laser tool setting system,single aixs tool setter and 5aixs touch trigger tool setter.

Silvercnc tool setter have be proven a economic and best selling tool setter in china, the contact tool setter annual sales in China are more than 50000 sets.

Because of its stability for tool length measurement and tool breakage detection, which becomes one of the most competitive products compared with Metrol, Renishaw.

■Zero point base plate and workholding:

Silvercnc provide a complete set of zero point base plate and workholding to improve the efficiency of machine tools for operator.

Compatible with the fifth axis and LANG, providing the most cost-effective fixture



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