High-Precision Three sided pyramid for 5axis machine tools

Pyramid give operators the ability to increase the productivity of 5 axis machining centres or enhanced spindle and cutting tool clearance. The angled faces permit multi-part loads while still providing the increased part access needed in 5 axis machining centres.

1.  Material:aerospace grade Aluminum

2. Versatile mounting options,can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal orientations,

3. Flexible design, angled faces are compatible with 96mm base plate,middle size self centering vise and top tooling

4. Custom sizes and configurations available upon request

Three sided pyramid feature

Pyramid compatible with SC96-S195 zero point plate,all kinks of top tooling can be mounted on plate.such as self centering vise, dovetail fixtures.

Please inform us of the model and specifications of the machine tool before ordering, or send the table drawings . We will design the fixing holes according to the machine.

SC96-D400 specs

Dimensions: φ395*115mm


Weight: 35KG

Angle: 30° design, 5axis table tilting angle should above 120 °


Vise mounted in vertical direction

Vise mounted in horizontal direction

Three sided pyramid package

Pyramid base use  Aluminum material, using a wooden boxes packaging to prevent surface scratches, the weight is 15KG around.

Three SC96-S195 zero point base plate mounted on the pyramid, vise or other top tooling don’t clamping on the base plate.

pyramid wood package
pyramid wood package 2


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