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Silvercnc cnc touch probe is a competitive brand. One of a best-selling probes in China market. High-precision, high-quality,good-stability probe solutions, which performance is close to Renishaw, Blum, Marposs. your best and economical probe solution choice

The machine tool touch probe has been widely used throughout many industries in China market, which sales volume has reached 10000 sets at 2019-2021 ,  all recognized by customers. The probe solution used for measuring the size and position of the workpiece, and automatically correct the offset of the tool or workpiece according to the measurement results. with that can improve the efficiency of your machine tool and  the qality of your machining parts.

workpiece touch probe for machine tools

Silvercnc offer three kinds of probes including : infrared touch probes, radio wave  probes and hard-wired  probes, Touch Probe For Machine Tools, Touch Probe Application

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Silvercnc machine tool probe basic

The workpiece probe basic is the same as renishaw brand, Three equally spaced rods rest on six tungsten carbide balls to provide six points of contact.
Under load of the spring, contact patches are created between the balls and the rods through which the electrical current flows. Upon making contact with (touching) a workpiece, the force translated through the stylus moves the balls and rods apart thus reducing the size of the contact patches and increasing their electrical resistance.
When a defined threshold is reached the probe is triggered.
Repeatable electrical triggering and mechanical reseating of the mechanism are critical to this process and fundamental to reliable metrology

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Probe program and hardware

Silvercnc technology probe is triggered by pulse signal, which is normally open. When it is not working, it starts the sleep mode automatically. and don’t need to closed with M code command. This can reduce power consumption and improve battery life greatly.

The probe can match one or more hardware,such as two probe kit on turret machine, S5TS-R tool setting, only need one receiver.

It’s impossible to replace other brand hardware or work along with renishaw or some other. for example :when Renishaw OMP,OTS ,OMI broken,our hardware can’t compatibale and work along with it.

But the software and Marco grogram package can work along with Renishaw’s. On a machine tool with a probe, you can use it normally no need to change renishaw Marco,just changing the hardware

Hardware composition

Silvercnc inspection touch probe include probe kit, signial reciever, stylus, tool holder, pull stud, span and so on , please see the pack list below:

probe kitSOMP40/SRMP401
tool holderBT30/40/501
pull studBT30/40/501
Magnet basestandard1
stylus2 * 50 Ruby1
SilverCNC touch probe kits

silver CNC touch probe highlights

Perfect mechanical structure design

(1) Silvercnc touch probe use a proven technology -kinematic resistive principle that can stably operate for long time,

(2) it can realize extremely precise measurements under standard 50mm probe styli at 600mm/min speed,

(3) The balls and rods of the probe adopt special process to ensure 10 million times life, to ensure excellent stability

(4)we  research and development a micro swing autonomous reset technology independent , successfully solved the problem of poor stability and unstable repeated . now silvercnc probe have excellent stability performance, high repeated positioning accuracy 

Reliable signal transmission

(1) Silvercnc use coded signals optimized optical communication technology, to sure that the signal transmission is stable,  response speed  fast, and don’t lose signals.

(2) The touch probe applies dual channel technology, through the remote control frequency change, perfect solve the problem of mutual interference of infrared probes in the industry, Innovation within probing industry.

SilverCNC touch probe reciever - 3

Long battery life

(1) The probe adopts the multi-threshold power consumption control technology, which greatly reduces the product power consumption, and by optimizing the chip design and circuit design, improves the battery life further.

(2) Battery life: silvercnc touch probe life is long, continue use >360 days,  5% use  >540 days, Standby >600 days,Battery life is much higher than other  brands

touch probe battery

Easy to install

(1) The installation of the probe receiver is a troublesome job, which requires drilling holes in the machine tool for fixing.

(2) We designed a magnetic mounting base that allows the receiver to be mounted on the base and then attached together to the sheet metal of the machine tool, reducing installation difficulty.

             Magnetic mounting base of probe

Compared with renishaw inspection probe




Unidirectional repeatability  (Use standard 50mm probe at 600mm/min speed)

1um (2σ)

1um (2σ)

Sense directions



Stylus trigger force (Use standard 50mm probe)

XY plane

0.4 – 0.8N

Z direction





Trigger protection trip

XY plane


Z direction





Signal transmission method

Optical transmission

Optical transmission

Operating range



Trigger life

>10 Million times

>10 Million times

Transmission angle

360 ° along the probe axis

360 °

Transmission on/off style

smart switch

M code

Weight without shank (including batteries)



type of battery

2x lithium battery 14250

2x lithium battery 14250

battery life


>600 days


>100 days

5% use

>540 days

5% use

>90 days

continue use

>360 days

continue use

>60 days




Operating temperature



what's your benefits, why choose silvercnc cNC Touch probe solution

■ Set workpiece coordinates before machining to reduce the impact of fixture and incoming material errors

■ Improve machine tool manufacturing efficiency, reduce machine downtime awaiting first-off inspection results

■ High accuracy, high stability, repeatability is 0.001mm (Machine tool errors are not considered)

■ Long battery life (5 times as long as Renishaw)

■ The warranty time is 1.5 years, spare parts are available, any problem will dealt with quickly

■ Reasonable price, compared with the competitive brand has a larger advantage

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