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Looking to improve your machine tool efficiency and shorten machining cycle times while reducing downtime?

SilverCNC provides a total CNC machining solution with cost-effective and reliable accessories,srotary table touch probe , tool setting , zero point clamping system, quick change fixture, self centering vise.

As a global supplier, we help clients reduce costs and improve efficiency. Upgrade your machining capabilities with SilverCNC and experience the difference today.

affordable cNC machining accessorie

CNC machining accessories china manufacturer and supplier

Rotary table : 4 axis rotary table, 5 axis tilting rotary table, hozirontal table, tailstock,

Probing system: optical touch probe, radio wave touch probe, wired touch probe,

Tool setting: laser tool setter , touch tigger tool setter, optoelectronic tool setter,

Zero point system: Zero point clamping system,  mechinical zero point, self centering vise.


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Silvercnc products are precise and effective accessories to reduce machining clamping times, detect workpiece dimessions、tool length and diameter automatically and reduce fixture calibration time

Benefits of CNC machining accessories

Benefits of rotary table

4th and 5th rotary table installed on machine tools can achieve multi-axis machining, position to nearly any angle or simultaneous machining

■ Fastest way to increase the productivity
■ Reduce setup times, increase part accuracy, and shorten cycle times

Benefits of touch probe

Touch probe used to identify and set-up parts, measure features in-cycle for adaptive machining, monitor workpiece surface condition and verify finished component dimensions.

■ Automatic fixture, job alignment and rotary axis set-up
■ In-cycle part measurement with automatic offset correction
■ First-off inspection with automatic offset update
■ Reduced machine downtime awaiting first-off inspection results

Benefits of tool setter

Tool setting used to measure the length of tools before cutting starts, and check for tool damage or breakage during the machining operation
■ Reduce scrap and increase productivity by accurately setting the length and diameter of cutting tools
■ Automatic tool offset calculation and correction
■ Significant time savings with reduced machine downtime

Benefits of zero point clamping

The zero point positioning system is a unique positioning and locking device, which can keep the workpiece from one station to another, from one process to another, or from one machine tool to another.

■ Time saving
Up to 90% time saving due to lower set-up, changeover and non-productive times.
■ Increased productivity
Up to 70 % more productivity in your manufacturing process.

Why rotary table, touch probe , tool setter and zero point system from Silvercnc

As a professional functional accessory manufacturer of CNC machining, our products have been used by more than 1000 customers and successfully installed and used on many well-known brand machine tools

silvercnc product precision

high precision

rotary table indexing:±20 "
Rotary Table repeatability: 4 "
touch probe :1μ(2σ)
Tool setter repeatability: 1μ
Zero point repeatability:5μ

high stability

Good stability

Key parts quality assurance, processing and assembly process optimization, , to ensure stability

silvercnc product price

competitive price

cost reduced through mass procurement and good cost control,While ensuring the quality. half price of some competitor brands

silvercnc product widely used

widely used

All silvercnc product are used by more than 1000 customers, more than 10 countries

CNC Machining Accessories Applications

All Silvercnc products have been sold in large quantities, widely used and recognized by customers. Here we will show some pictures of products which used on machine tools of different brands as well as application cases in different industries

Silvercnc philosophy of business

Silvercnc philosophy of business are product's quality, price and service. All the work of our company revolves around these three points.we control the quality of products strictly from raw materials, machining, assembly, inspection and so on.In terms of service, we have established a three-level service system which include pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales to solve any problems in customers' purchase

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Shenzhen Silvercnc Tech Co.,Ltd founded in 2013,which focus on CNC industry, providing the most suitable CNC machine and related accessories at the best price for our customers.



We sticks to the ISO 9001 quality management system. There are strict procedures and standards to regulate design, engineering, production, installation and service activities

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