precision parts machining with rotary table

Precision parts machining with rotary table

The basic components of high-precision machinery, such as gears, cutting tools and bearings, have very high precision requirements and are difficult to machining. In addition, precision medical parts, clocks and other industries also have very strict requirements for metal machining accuracy.

To process these precision parts, we need to choose a rotary table with high precision, high efficiency and stable operation. Through structural innovation and continuous optimization and improvement in materials and processes, Silvercnc Tech rotary table fully meets the requirements of machining high-precision parts

The following is a case of precision parts processing:

Hobbing gear manufacturing with horizontal rotary table


Hobbing gear manufacturing with rotary table

Gear Hobbing machining

Guide slider machining with 4 axis rotary table

guide slider machining with rotary table

Rotary table on Mazak  machine for mold machining

rotary table on mazak for mold machining

Machining gold cups of hercules with 5 aixs rotary table

machining gold Cups of Hercules

Machining complex shape parts with 5 axis rotary table

machining complex shape parts with 5 axis rotary table



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