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CNC 5 axis tilting rotary table/ 5 axis rotary table China manufacturer For Multi-axis Machining-SilverCNC

Looking for high-quality 5 axis rotary tables? Look no further than SilverCNC! Our full range of rotary tables can be seamlessly integrated into nearly any machine tool brand to achieve simultaneous 5-axis or 3+2 multi-angle machining, greatly enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your parts machining. 

Precision, quality, and stability to meet your requirements, and our affordable pricing and exceptional after-sales service will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Browse our extensive portfolio of successful application cases and contact us today to learn more!

1. Versatile models compatible with nearly all types of machine tools, such as Haas, DMG, Mazak and more

2. Roller cam structure, maintains precision for 5 years, maintenance-free

3. Customize your 5-Axis simultaneous machine tool with SilverCNC

4. Achieve top precision with encoders from SilverCNC.

Upgrade Your Machining with 5th Axis rotary table for every brands of machine tool

Silvercnc’s 5-axis rotary table is designed to be compatible with various CNC brands and controller systems, including DMG, Haas, Hurco, Fanuc and Brother. With the appropriate motor and driver matched to the controller, the rotary table can achieve simultaneous 5-axis machining.

Want to increase the machining accuracy, but limited budget?

As we all know that five-axis machining provides significant advantages for the manufacturing of complex and intricate parts and components.which include increased precision,reduced set-up time,improved surface finish,reduced tool wear.

However, it is expensive to add 5 axis machining capacity to your 3 axis machine tool. For example, if want to a Haas TR160 5axis table, you need to increase the budget by over $40000, which is unimaginable. What should you do?

At SilverCNC, we offer an affordable solution: our 5 axis rotary table provides reliable, stable quality and high accuracy at a price you can accept. Upgrade your machining capabilities without breaking the bank with SilverCNC.

Silvercnc 5axis rotary table on VMC

Full line of 5 axis

SilverCNC’s 5-axis rotary table models named after their rotary platter diameter. Customize your platter diameter with some of our models. Contact our sales representatives for detailed information

5 axis tilting table T100

100mm Compact Design

Suitable machine tools include: tapping center, Fanuc Robodrill, Brothe Speedio, Haas DT series

small 5th aixs rotory table RT135

135mm Trunnion Table

Table height only 205mm

Gear ratio bigger to 120 to ensures good rigidity

Suitable tapping center and small VMC

5 axis tilting table RT170

170mm Trunnion Table

Suitable machine tools include: Haas DM,VF1, DMG600X, and other 650mm travels VMC

5 axis trunnion table RT200

200mm High Rigidity

Suitable machine tool model include: Haas VF2, DMG 800V, Doosan SVM4100, Mazak VC-EZ16

5 axis tilting table RT200CL

200mm Cradle Structure

T-slot plate can be customized, maximum rotation diameter is 460mm, machining range is expanded

5 axis trunnion table RT250

250mm Trunnion Table

High rigidity, can installed as A+B type 5th axis rotary tabe, suitable machine tools include: Haas VF3, DMG1100X, and other 1000mm travels VMC

5 axis tilting table RT300

350mm Trunnion Table

Suitable machine tools include: Haas VF3, Doosan DNM5700 series , and other 1100mm travels VMC

5 axis trunnion table RT350

350mm compact design

High rigidity, suitable machine tools include: Haas VF4, Doosan DNM5700L, Hurco VM30 and other 1200mm travels VMC

5 axis tilting table RT400

400mm Rotary Table

Cradle structure design, The machining range can reach 740mm, which is used for super-large vertical machining centers or gantry machining centers

5 axis trunnion table RT650

650mm rotary table, platter can be customized

Double-drive (4-axis and tailstock dual-motor drive at the same time to increase rigidity and torque), which can be designed as a cradle-type 5 axis machine tool in cooperation with the machine tool manufacturer

Specs and technical documents download

5 axis rotary table video

choose 5 axis models Correctly

SilverCNC sorted out 2 factors affect the selection of 5axis rotarb table,any doubt please contact our sales representatives for detailed information

1. Machine tool's factors
五轴立式车铣复合加工中心KMC 600S U

■ Machine tool table size and travel

5axis rotary table size cannot exceed the size of the workbench.

■ Machine tool bearing capacity

5axis rotary table weight should not exceed the bearing capacity of the machine tool. Considering the weight of the fixture, cutting force, the dynamic performance and the life of the screw guide, we recommend that the weight of the table should not exceed 70% of the bearing capacity of the machine tool.

■ Machine tool controller brand

The controller of the machine tool determines the brand of the motor and driver of the rotary table, In case of linkage processing, it is necessary to select the servo that can interact with the controller. In case of single-axis machining, it is necessary to get the electrical diagram.

2. Workpiece's factors
5axis machining workpiece

■ Size of workpiece

Because the 5axis platter diameter and rotation range need to be determined according to the size of the workpiece.

■ Workpiece accuracy requirements

When the workpiece tolerance requirement is high, it may be necessary to configure a high-precision encoder to meet the accuracy requirements.

■ Speed and torque requirements

The surface finish and cutting force requirements of the workpiece will affect the selection of the 5-axis, the rotating speed and torque indicators of the table need to be considered.



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