Rotary table heavry application on 3C industry in china

Rotary table heavry application on 3C industry in china

3C manufacturing industry is huge, which need  a large number of labor, repeated work, the application of automation can save manpower and shorten the production cycle. In recent years, the growth rate of functional components related to automation of electronic manufacturing equipment has shown an upward trend, and the demand for automation upgrading is obvious. According to the current 3C product shipment forecast, when the appearance parts of all products are metallized, about 200000-330000 CNC units will be required, and the demand for rotary tables will increase

The CNC vertical and horizontal rotary table (the fourth axis) can be installed on the machine tool table in vertical and horizontal ways respectively. When working, the control system of the machine tool is used to complete various indexing and rotation works coordinated with the spindle machining. By installing a chuck on the table to clamp the processed parts of rods and shafts, the continuous machining of hole disc, groove disc and curved surface at any angle (equal and unequal) can be realized, and high precision can be achieved. The supporting tailstock installation bridge plate can also be used on the workbench to complete the processing with complex shape. The four-axis  rotary table helps to realize the functional upgrading of the existing 3C CNC three-axis machine tools. The development of 3C industry also drives a large demand for small-diameter four-axis (160mm, 170mm) in the market.

Silvercnc technology’s high-precision cam roller rotary table can help machine tool manufacturers or machine tool users perfectly realize the combination of multi-channel clamping in the product machining, so as to achieve the effect of multi-axis rotary combined processing. It has the following advantages:

1、Reduce product clamping times and greatly improve production efficiency and yield

2、Reduce the number of workers and labor intensity

3、Improve the product through rate and eliminate the problem of frequent flow between multiple clips

4、Effectively solve the problem of production site constraints

5、Compared with the rotary table with worm gear structure, the efficiency of the non loosening locking (braking) step is improved by more than 20%.

T100 5 axis rotary table on robodrill

5 axis rotary table on FANUC robodrill

170 4 axis rotary table on brother

rotary table on brother

170 4 axis rotary table on robodrill

rotary table on FANUC robodrill

machining apple computer parts with 180 4 aixs

rotarytable for APPLE iphone parts machining




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