The best selling CNC rotary table brand in the China market

The best selling CNC rotary table brand in the China market

After adding four-axis or five axis rotary table on the machine tool, multi axis machining can be realized, which can improve the machining efficiency and yield. With the improvement of manufacturing automation in China, the demand for rotary table increases significantly.

China is the world’s processing plant with a large number of CNC. For example, Foxconn has more than 200000 CNC, BYD, Lens, Luxshare and Some companies more than 100000sts, and there are no less than 1000 companies with more than 1000 CNC. All major brands want to occupy their own market in China.

Now, I will introduce the situation of several rotary table brands in China. We will divide them into four categories: Europe andAmerica, Japan, Taiwan and Chinese brands.

Rotary table brand intruduce

Europe and America: the best selling brands in the Chinese market are Haas and Lehmann. Haas is mainly configured on its machine tools, other brands of machine tools are rarely installed. Lehmann is positioned at the high end and mainly cooperates with some high-end machine tools. In addition, it is also used in some occasions with high accuracy requirements, but the demand is small

Haas rotary table.webp              Lehmann rotary table

Haas                                                Lehmann

Japan: Fanuc, Nikken, Tsudakoma, Kitagawa and Sankyo are major brands. They are mainly configured on machine tools of some Japanese brands. Some factories will also be equipped with them  when machining precision parts. Fanuc has the largest market share with, because robodrill is most widely used in 3C industry in china, so many factories are equipped with its DDR

Fanuc robodrill DDR rotary table       Nikken rotary table          Tsudakoma rotary table

Robodrill DDR                                          Nikken                                                            Kitagawa

Taiwan: TJR, Detron and GSA are the main brands, as well as DEX, Autocam and HW. These rotary tables are not only configured on Chinese brand machine tools, but also sold to end customers. Their precision is not high and their service life is not long, but they can meet the requirements when machining parts with low precision. Some users will consider these brands when their budget is limited. Among these brands, TJR has the best sales volume, with an annual sales volume of more than 10000 sets, because they have the most complete distribution network, complete models and cheap prices.Most importantl

TJR rotary table          GSA Rotary table                       AutoCAM rotary table

TJR                                                  GSA                                                            Auto CAM

China: there are many locally four-axis brands in China, such as Gutia,Silvercnc, Blue tech, CP and Deshu. The product quality of these brands is comparable to that of Taiwan. Due to more favorable prices and fast delivery, they have occupied the market of most Taiwan brands. The four axis of Chinese brands mainly adopt roller cam structure or harmonic structure. The wear resistance of roller cam is better than that of worm gear, with long service life and good accuracy retention. The price of harmonic reducer rotary table is low, which is suitable for 3C industry. These two structures meet the needs of the market and have been recognized by customers.

5 axis rotary table wholesale Blue tech rotary table

Silvercnc                                                    Blue Tech

Sales by Region: China>Taiwan>Japan> Europe and America, price is the key factor.

Top 10 sales: TJR, Gutia, Silvercnc, Deshu, CP, Blue tech, Detron, GSA, Fanuc DDR, Tsudakoma.



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