Tool setter market situation and trends in China

Tool setter market situation and trends in China

There is a strong demand for the tool setting  in the Chinese market, According to statistics, China has a huge number of machine tools, at least 8 million machine tools are in use, and about 300000 CNC machines are added every year. In addition, there are some following factors:

1. Due to the improvement of automation requirements of metal machining and the improvement of part accuracy

2. Various types of machine tools are developed for  different materials, such as glass, ceramics and woodworking. Each machine tool needs to be equipped with tool setter.

3. As China’s labor costs rise, business owners are more aware that adding a tool setting on machine tools can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

4. The price has been down to a level acceptable for business owners

Which brand tool setter leads the China market

There is no doubt that the Japan Metro brand tool setter has the highest market share in China. Because it has several factors:

1. Metrol tool setter has good accuracy and quality stability,

2. Numerous distributors,

3. Ultra high cost performance

Metrol tool setter

Major players in the tool setter Market: Renishaw(UK), Marposs(Italy), Blum(Geman),Jingdiao(China), HNC(China),Silvercnc(China), Bailong(China),Wentao(China)

Tool setter trends in China market

1、The market share of Metrol will continues to lead, but it is now on a downward trend.

2、The market share of European high-end brands tool setter will keep stable.

3、The quality of Chinese brand tool setter improved in recent year, and the price is only half or Metrol, so  the market share will be increased

Tool setter price level

European brand: 10000RMB around, noncontact tool setter:35000-60000RMB

Metrol : 4000-5000RMB

China brand : 1000-3000RMB, noncontact tool setter: 20000RMB



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