Top 5 machine tool touch probe brand in China market

China is the largest consumer of machine tool touch probes in the global market

what’s the top 5 machine tool touch probe brand in China market? In recent years, with the improvement of mechanical automation, the increase of machine tool processing parts and efficiency requirements, the demand for machine tool probe has increased rapidly in China.

In the Asia Pacific market, China has the largest demand for machine tool probes and is expected to continue to maintain rapid growth. Especially in the field of consumer electronics processing, machine tool probes are essential accessories.

This paper will introduce several machine tool probe brands with high market share.

NO.1: Renishaw(UK)

Renishaw is the most important player in the Chinese market, because it has the most advanced technology, the most complete probe product line and many dealers, which was first import into China. In the field of consumer electronics, especially mobile phones and watches, thanks to the rapid development of smart phones, renishaw is basically the standard configuration of machine tools after Apple applies it to Foxconn’s mobile phone manufacturing process.

It is estimated that renishao accounts for 60% of the Chinese market

touch probe brand in china market

NO.2: Marposs(Italy)

Marposs also has a high market share because they have strengthened market promotion and set up factories in China, and its accuracy and stability are close to renishaw, and the price is about 300-500 dollars cheaper than renishaw.

cnc touch probe brand in china market

NO.3: Silvercnc(China)

Silvercnc technology is a Chinese brand, and its market share in China has increased significantly in recent years. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Its quality and stability are close to renishaw and Marposs. It is widely used in various industries. Its accuracy has been recognized by customers and has a certain reputation.

2. Doing business in China depends on relationships, and the government also emphasizes the importance of independent brands.

3. Because it is a Chinese brand, its price has more advantages. which is about half that of renishaw. When the quality and price are attractive, there are more agents.

NO.4: Hexagon (Sweden)

Hexagon CMM has a high market share in China, and more than 70% of factories use its measuring equipment. Machine tool probe is only an edge product. When the demand increases greatly, it also shares a part of the market because of the majority of agents.

However, because of its unstable performance and high price, its market share has decreased significantly in recent years.

cnc touch probe hexagon

NO.5:Blum-Novotest (Germany)

The quality, accuracy and stability of Blum probe and tool setting  have been widely recognized in the Chinese market, especially in some high-end machine tools.

However, its price is too expensive, almost twice that of renishaw, most users can’t afford it. Therefore, it is configured most on some expensive high end machine tools.

Top 5 machine tool touch probe brand in China market



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