YRT bearing for NC rotary table play a great function

YRT bearing for NC rotary table

As the core component of NC rotary table, bearing plays a key role in the performance of NC rotary table.

SILVERCNC technology attaches great importance to the selection of rotary table bearings, and will consider various working conditions, such as operating speed, lubrication, load, accuracy and other requirements, to ensure the best performance. SILVERCNC technology rotary table adopts YRT bearings.

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what’s is YRT rotary table

YRT bearing is composed of three rows of rollers, two rows of axial rollers ensure stable axial bearing capacity, and one row of radial rollers ensure that the bearing can bear radial force and overturning torque. Its thrust centripetal structure can bear two-way axial load, radial load and overturning torque at the same time, which determines the high speed, low and uniform friction torque of YRT bearing. It is suitable for CNC rotary tables that require relatively low friction, short operation cycle and high requirements for rigidity and precision.

How to install the YRT bearing

YRT rotary table bearing consists of a thrust / centripetal shaft ring, a thrust washer, two needle roller cage assemblies and a group of centripetal cylindrical rollers. The seat ring and shaft ring are provided with uniformly distributed screw holes for installation. However, this kind of bearing also has high requirements for matching equipment parts. The tightening torque of the mounting screws shall be controlled during installation. The following is the installation related knowledge:

1. the requirements for the matching structure are high. During transportation, the fixing screws protect the bearing parts of YRT turntable. In order to facilitate centering installation, the fixing screws can be loosened during installation. After installation, the fixing screws should be tightened again or replaced with setting screws.

2. L-section ring can be installed with or without additional support ring

3. the assembly force can only be transmitted through the installed YRT turntable bearing ring, not through the rolling element.

4. set screws shall be tightened with a torque wrench in the form of cross.

5. do not separate or exchange the bearing parts of YRT turntable for installation and disassembly.

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