what’s the difference between infrared and radio touch probe

There are three kinds of machine tool probes in the market include infrared probe, radio probe and wired probe, among which infrared probe and radio probe are the most widely used. Their characteristics will be introduced in detail in this paper

The same points of the two probes

The mechanical structure of the infrared probe and the radio probe is the same. They both adopt the mechanical trigger structure. For example, Silvercnc infrared probe and the radio probe  adopt kinematic resistive principle: when the deformation of the probe stylus exceeds a certain value, the resistance of the internal circuit of the mechanical structure changes and the trigger signal is generated. The trigger signal transmitted to the receiver, and then transmitted to the machine tool controller for logical judgment.

what is touch probe


Difference between infrared and radio touch probe

The infrared probe housing and the receiver are transmitted through the infrared wave, and the radio probe signal is transmitted through the radio wave.

infrared touch trigger probe china supplier  CNC radio wave touch probe

infrared touch probe                                                 radio wave touch probe

Advantages and disadvantages of infrared probe:


1. The attenuation coefficient is small during signal transmission, which can ensure effective signal transmission

2. Strong anti-interference and no frequency interference

3. Strong interchangeability, and the frequency of transmitter and receiver need not be the same. When there are many machine tools in a workshop, there is no special channel for installing infrared probe. It can be switched on any machine tool for convenient management.


1. The transmission distance is limited, and the transmission distance is within 5m

2. The signal is easily blocked and has poor penetration ability. For example, when machining deep cavity parts, the probe should extend into the cavity for detection. If the infrared probe is used, the signal will be unstable.

 detection cavity parts by Probe
detection cavity parts by Probe


Advantages and disadvantages of radio probe:


1. The signal transmission is not affected by the distance and is suitable for large machining centers and gantry machining centers. When the measurement distance exceeds 5m, the radio probe must be used

radio probe for double colum machining center detection

2. Strong signal transmission and penetration ability, suitable for processing and measurement of deep cavity and large parts


1. The signal transmission quality is unstable and vulnerable to interference signals. For example, in large factories, there are too many machine tools, and the channels may interfere with each other, resulting in frequent alarm of the probe



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