5axis riser

SilverCNC 5Axis Riser with base plate to solve troubles of large five axis travel restrictions and interference

SilverCNC riser improves accessibility for machining on all five side machining. 

The riser be mounted directly and firmly on the machine table or set up and removed on a 96mm distance zero point base plate. It can also beintegrated with these two models to achieve the height you want to increase.

Support customization, can design fix holes based on machine T-slot size , Please send 2D drawings to Silver sales

1. Aerospace grade Aluminum construction

2. Integrate with SC96-S195 zero point base plate

3. The fixing hole can be customized according to the machine T-slot 

4. Thickness tolerance: 0.05mm

5 axis riser specification

There are 2 type model available in round and rectangular versions. heights of 80mm and 100 mm.

SC96-S275 specs

Dimensions: φ275*100

Repeatability: 0.005mm

Clamping force: 22KN

Material: steel

Weight/Kg: 10KG

SC96-S195 base plate installed on the riser to ensure repeatability in 0.005mm,with 4pcs studs for free

SC96-80L specs

Dimensions: 130*150*104mm

Repeatability: 0.005mm

Clamping force: 22KN

Material: steel

Weight/Kg: 8.5KG

Multiple SC96-80L risers can be used simultaneously to solve travel troubles.
Repeatability in 0.005mm,4pcs studs for free.



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