Precision Tombstone to fit several parts for many different operations into the same setup

Tombstones belong to a modular fixture,the bombstone bolt holes and dowel pattern on each face enable the fast and easy installation/removal of sub-plates and other workholding components, such as manual or hydraulic vises and other part clamping devices, which lead to reduce setup time,increase the machine running times significantly,improve the efficiency of clamping and disassembling parts.

1. Material: 6061-T6512 Aluminum

2. Compatible with zero point base plate, suitable for any 96mm base plate

3. Three sided and four sided tombstone available

4. Custom baseplates are available upon request

5. Each tombstone have 4pcs studs for free.

three sided tombstone

1, This three side tombstone integrates the 52 type zero pint base plate, the compact design can add 3 small size vise SC-75100.
2, The unit features pull studs on the bottom so that it can be mounted onto any 96mm base plate.
3, It’s perfect fit for SilverCNC c170, C180 and C200 4th axis rotary table

SC52-S160 specs

Dimensions: φ160*167mm
Weight: 7KG

Four sided tombstone

1, The 75-A96 is an ultra compact 4 sided mini tombstone designed to work with smaller 4 and 5 Axis machines. 
2, The tombstone can be mounted onto any 96mm zero point base plates. With a maximum of 12 vises on the tombstone, the machine can run unattended.
3, It’s perfect fit for SilverCNC c170, C180 and C200 4th axis rotary table

75-A96 specs

Dimensions: 126**126*200mm


Weight: 7KG



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