Affordable Non Contact Laser Tool Setter

non-contact laser tool setting systems for CNC machining centers

Innovative laser technology for non-contact tool length and radius measurement as well as tool broken and  breakage detection under the harshest conditions

Brand:                            SILVERCNC
Models:                          SNC56/86/168

Logo printing :           Silvercnc/None/Customized

Tool diameter:             56, 86, 168 mm

Typical repeatability:  ±0.1 µm, 2σ

repeatability:                ±1 µm, 2σ

Transmission type:      Hard-wired

Cable:                            8m(can customized)

Warranty:                      1 year
Packaging Details:      carton
Shipping:                       DHL/TNT/UPS, 3-7 days

Laser tool setter

■ laser system is a very fl exible solution. The contact-free optical measurement enables you to check even the smallest tools rapidly, reliably and without collision. Even the most sensitive tools are completely secure from damage.

■ The precise determination of the length and radius at the rated shaft speed ensures your high production quality. At the same time this integrated tool setting with automatic updating of tool data eliminates the need for separate tool setting, reducing costs and non-productive times.

■ The non-contact laser beam can check very small tools quickly, reliably and without collision risk. Even the latest high hardness brittle cutting materials can be measured with this laser tool setting instrument system.

■ Because the tool is measured at the rated speed, the tool errors, spindle and tool holder are all detected and can be corrected directly.

Non contact laser tool setter System components

Non contact laser tool setter house

■ Composed of laser transmitter, receiver, fix plate and blowing module.

■ Adapt spotting laser to ensure stable light source, small laser beam diameter, and easy adjustment of light source center.

■ Built in air path, normally open, ensuring clean laser path and unobstructed laser.

■ The laser tool setter have a blowing unit to remove chips and coolant from the tool with a blast of compressed air.

non contact laser tool setter house

Interface Unit

■ The interface processes the SNC signal and converts to output. And then sent to the CNC machine controller to signal input.

■ Please refer to the user manual to ensure correct wiring

laser tool setter interface

Compressed air unit

■ Provide air for the blowing module,

■ Supply the laser system with sealing clean air.

■ Supply air source to open the optical path during the operation of the laser tool setter.

■ The PLC programtriggers the control valves.

Oil mist filter for laser tool setter

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