Wireless Infrared Tool Setter

Wireless infrared 3D Touch trigger tool setter for tool length and radius measurement, reduce setup times, perform in-process inspection

3D touch-trigger tool setter with infrared signal transmission in CNC machining centers, Precise and reliable tool measurements similar to a infrared touch probe.

Brand:                            SILVERCNC
Models:                          SOTS

Logo printing :           Silvercnc/WDS/None/Customized

Surface finishing:         Grinding 4s

Repeatability:               1um 

Contact life:                  10million

Contact materia:        Tungsten carbide

Signal:                            infrared

Warranty:                      1 year
Packaging Details:      carton 
Shipping:                       DHL/TNT/UPS, 3-7 days

modulated Design of wireless tool setter

■ SOTS assemble with a SOMP40 Probe, bracket and stylus kits. 

■ Wireless tool setter SOTS and infrared touch probe SOMP40  can share the same receiver SIR.

■ Run different macro programs to achieve modular application of spindle probe and tool probe.

■ Cable free, easy to install and remove.

SOTS Tool setter benefits

■ High machining accuracy requires an exact measurement of tool data and cyclical inspection of tool broken and wear.

■ With the SOTS tool setter,engineer can setting the tool automatic, setter up faster, improve quality and reduce scrap.

■ Using the SOTS to measure tools wear and tool breakage monitoring, the machine will alarm automatic when exceeding allowable value, reminding tool compensation.

■ Automatic operation, save labor, prevent the emergence of substandard products

■ Applicable to the Engraving machine and all kinds of control machinery in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Germany. Such as fanuc, SYNTEC, Baoyuan, Siemens, FAGOR, Mitsubishi, etc.

Automated tool setting

Establish height offsets and check tool length is within tolerance
Determine diameter when spinning to establish tool size offsets
Manual setting errors and data entry

In-process control

Detect broken tools in-process
Compensation of tool wear using measurements between the machining steps.

Wireless tool setter for tool length measurement2

Tool length measurement

wireless tool setter for tool radius measurement

Tool radius measurement

wireless tool setter for tool wear measurement

Tool wear measurement

wireless tool setter for tool breakage monitoring

Tool breakage monitoring

SOTS Wireless tool setter Specification




NO(Normally open)

Sense directions

5 axis




+/-12.5°, Z-6.35mm



Trigger life




Contact force

0.4N~0.8N,  Z-4.0N

Signal transmission


Contact material

Tungsten carbide

Surface finishing

Grinding 4s

Rated voltage and current

DC24V 20mA

Application video



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