Zero point clamp

zero point clamping in china

The best quality and performance

■ High repetition accuracy < 5µm,

■ Increase of machine running time,

■ Up to 90% less set-up time

■ Uniform interface for all machines

■ Milling, turning, right up to quality assurance

zero point clamping system from china, good quality and price

Silvercnc zero point feature

Silvercnc zero point clamping systems enable safe and precise clamping for a wide variety of applications, such as turning and milling, direct workpiece clamping, modular kits with tower clamping and much more. They increase productivity as well as flexibility in production and optimise set-up times in a precise and process-safe way with repeat accuracy. The broad portfolio of zero point clamping systems for the metalworking and plastics-processing industries is expanded continuously as a result of customer-specific developments.

■ Two reliable structural designs
■ 0.005mm repeatability
■ Clamping force up to 15000N
■ Size and center distance can be customized

Mode list

The tructure similar to system-3R brand

3R zero point

Single zero point

3R zero point

Double zero point

3R zero point 4

Quatro zero point

3R zero point

Hexa zero point

3R zero point

2/4/6-Fold pallet

3R zero point

Three functions spigot

The structure similar to AMF brand

AMF zero point

External zero point

AMF zero point

Double centering base plate

AMF zero point 2

Quatro centering base plate

AMF zero point

Hexa centering base plate

AMF zero point pallet

2/4/6-Fold pallet

AMF zero point spigot


AMF zero point

2/4/6 Spigot group

Zero point clamping application photos

Zero point clamping video

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